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Dietrich Primary School

Greetings to all of you

We are in negotiations with a school in Phillipi named Dietrich Primary School. Through their hard work and determination and their relationship with people who live in the area, the school does a lot for its pupils and the community with very limited resources.

We will be keeping our followers up to date with any developments related to the next computer classroom that we are going to help renovate, we also look forward to continue working with Grant Pillay. Grant attended a lot of our Saturday School classes and will be able to use this knowledge to educate pupils at his school when the renovations and installations are completed. .Finally we would like to show you a glimpse of this innovative classroom especially the desk that allows for computers and academics to be done with the same desk. We wish all of our followers and volunteers all the best and we thank you for your assistance and support.

Kind Regards

The Born To Be Free Team

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