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Fourth Industrial Revolution

As we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution the future leaders of Africa need to be adequately equipped to ensure they partake and are not left as spectators as has been the case in the past. But how does one adequately equip themselves for this new dawn? This can be done in numerous ways, but the foundation lies in one’s ability to interact with technology around them. As a student in primary school, this can be done through integrating basic computer skills into their everyday learning. However, most underprivileged schools in South Africa lack basic amenities, yet alone fully operational computer centers with working internet. This has led to an ever-increasing gap in basic computer skills amongst the youth of South Africa, those who can afford private schooling are given more than enough resources to ensure they are prepared for the future. However, those in government funded schools in underprivileged areas do not have this advantage. Consequently, when a child from an underprivileged school somehow finds her way into the working world, they often lack the foundational technological skills to compete with their fellow citizens who grew up better off. In a democratic South Africa, we believe one’s birth shouldn’t be the defining factor as to whether or not they will do more than spectate in the fourth industrial revolution.

This is where Born to Be Free comes in, as a registered Non-Profit Organization we strive to ensure that Africa’s future leaders are adequately skilled to partake in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As opposed to trying to install a computer center in every school around South Africa, Born to Be Free takes time to find one or more schools per area where all students in the area can come and learn basic computer skills. These classes are held on Saturday mornings and run for two hours and they are for students ranging from grade 4 to 7. After 4 weeks, the students are given an assessment to analyze their performance. Instead of just installing computers in under privileged schools, Born to Be Free realized that most times the teachers at the schools are not equipped to teach the students computer basics. This is where our volunteer program started, as an organization we seek volunteers from universities in the area who are able to take time aside on a Saturday to educate the future leaders of tomorrow.

Currently Born to Be Free has built one computer center at West End Primary in Mitchells Plain, Cape Town. This center was completed in early 2017 and targets students from all over Mitchells Plain. Born to Be Free is currently looking to expand operations to a second school in the Cape Town area. Born to Be Free invites donors to either assist with spare computer parts they may have lying around their homes or offices, cash or time. Born to Be Free is also looking to partner with individuals or organizations who wish to help us expand our operations, all the material we teach our students is available online for anyone to make use of. W

Born To Be Free NPC Registration Number: 2016/201768/08